DISARM is an open framework for those cooperating in the fight against disinformation

Reducing the significant risks and harms to humanity requires ever better cooperation across disciplines and boundaries. DISARM is here to help.

Recent papers from the NATO/EU European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, Hybrid CoE, the EU cybersecurity agency, ENISA, the EU External Action Service, EEAS, and the Foundation for Defending Democracy, FDD, in the US have supported the use of DISARM, as part of a whole-of-society response.

The DISARM Foundation exists to keep the DISARM Framework open, protected, promoted and supported — by and for the community of those combatting disinformation

The DISARM Framework provides a common language to combat disinformation, for defenders to coordinate, share data, analysis, and act in synchrony

why the framework and foundation

Vision & mission

Our Vision is that all who counter the existential problem of disinformation, and work to reduce its impact and risks, are empowered to coordinate their efforts through the sharing of a single, open sourced, collaborative framework.

Coordination is critical, across borders, languages....
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an outline of terminology

Disinformation and information harms

We primarily use the term, Disinformation.  The DISARM Framework does also encompass a variety of other terms used in different settings, reflecting slight changes in nuance and meaning.

These include Misinformation, Malinformation, Influence operations (a broader term, as malicious actors exert influence using facts as well as falsehoods...
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What is the DISARM Framework

DISARM is the open-source, master framework for fighting disinformation through the coordination of effective action. The Framework has been developed, drawing on global cybersecurity best practices. It is used to help communicators, from whichever discipline or sector, to gain a clear shared understanding of disinformation incidents...
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the role of the foundation

What we do

The DISARM Foundation works to develop, promote and govern the DISARM Framework as an open-source community-led tool.

Together we protect and enhance the Framework and promote and support its use.

Partnerships and support

We are grateful to the following partners for the key roles they have played in bringing the DISARM Framework and DISARM Foundation to life:  Alliance4Europe, Alfred Landecker Foundation, Credibility Coalition, CogSec Collaborative, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Florida International University, The MITRE Corporation and Public Democracy.
About our Partners and our collaboration

who are we

Our team

Meet the team