Vision and mission


Our Vision is that all who counter the existential problem of disinformation, and work to reduce its impact and risks, are empowered to coordinate their efforts through the sharing of a single, open sourced, collaborative framework.

Coordination is critical, across borders, languages, disciplines and sectors. The single framework will increasingly enable a common view of the complex issues and activities, creating a virtual common language, and allowing for better-coordinated responses and informed, effective action at scale.

The Vision is to protect the integrity and open source nature of the framework through robust  and effective global governance, and to see it enhanced, promoted and supported in all corners of the world, so that its fullest impact is realized.

In doing this, humanity will be better protected against the threats and harms posed by bad faith actors in the hopeful but troublesome digital age of this 21st Century.


Our Mission is in the context of the risks and harms posed to free, open, and democratic societies, enabled by social media and the internet, and often coordinated by foreign state actors. The risks/harms are distributed, diffuse, and often difficult to define and describe, making it challenging to effectively coordinate responses.

We believe in respect for all human rights, not just freedom from harm, but also freedom of speech. Of course, each nation, jurisdiction, and community must decide for themselves what constitutes an acceptable response to disinformation; our belief is that transparency is the best antidote.

The DISARM Foundation’s mission is to maintain, enhance, promote and support the DISinformation Analysis & Risk Management Framework as a free and open resource for the global counter disinformation community.

The DISARM Framework enables the coordination necessary across a wide variety of stakeholders for more effective responses to disinformation at scale. It does this by providing and sharing a single, common, standard language for describing disinformation tactics and techniques.

The DISARM Foundation will maintain the intellectual property of the framework to protect its openness to the stakeholder community, and ensure the fair, open and transparent governance necessary for its enhancement, promotion and support by and for the counter disinformation community.

Finally, in addition to furthering coordination through the framework’s ‘common language’, we will play our part within the global community to foster increasing levels of collaboration in other ways, and thereby support more effective, collective management of the risks posed by disinformation.