About us

The DISARM Foundation works to develop, promote and govern the DISARM Framework as an open-source community-led tool.Together we protect and enhance the Framework and promote and support its use.

the role of the foundation

What we do

Protect and enhance

The Framework Governance Board will be pivotal to keeping the Framework 'open' and held in common by the wider disinformation responder community.

Users will take copies (or ‘forks’) of the Framework. With these, they can amend or add to the code, in order to better address their own specific challenges.

We encourage users to share their work, so that the community — through the Board — can agree which enhancements are added back into the ‘master’ version, for the benefit of all. And we will continue to make the Framework ever more accessible and easy to use.

Promote and support

The Foundation is here to enable and empower organizations and networks of organizations.  We aim to play our part in encouraging a stronger ‘network of networks’ that is capable of fast and effective responses to disinformation.

It is through and with this network of networks that we will seek to promote the Framework and establish the means supporting its use.   Watch this space for more news coming throughout 2022.

Partnerships and support

We are grateful to the following partners for the key roles they have played in bringing the DISARM Framework and DISARM Foundation to life:  Alliance4Europe, Alfred Landecker Foundation, Credibility Coalition, CogSec Collaborative, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Florida International University, The MITRE Corporation and Public Democracy.
About our Partners and our collaboration

who are we

Our team

Jon Brewer

Executive Director

Jon is a strategist and connector, having worked across the UK public sector, NGOs, social enterprises and B2B tech start-ups and larger scale commercial enterprises. He is passionate about unlocking collaboration, where joining people up and cooperative effort is essential to achieving important, shared goals. Jon has led sales, marketing, partnership, channel and fundraising teams, as well as projects to improve corporate systems and processes. He has co-founded charities, including one in the area of ‘tech for good’, helping nonprofits improve their effectiveness through technology, as well as creating technology for a social purpose. Jon’s dissertation for his Masters Degree in Marketing centered on ‘Public Purpose Marketing’ and cross-sector collaboration, and he has extended this theme throughout his working life – most recently in his role as Development Director at the Global Cyber Alliance, after which he is now giving focus to helping address the wicked problem of disinformation.

Dr. Pablo Breuer


Dr. Pablo Breuer is an executive director for enterprise security architecture at Morgan Stanley, a non-resident senior fellow of the Atlantic Council's GeoTech Center and twenty-two-year veteran of the U.S. Navy with tours including the military director of the U.S. Special Operations Command Donovan Group and senior military advisor and innovation officer to SOFWERX, the National Security Agency, and U.S. Cyber Command as well as being the Director of C4 at U.S. Naval Forces Central Command. He is a DoD Cyber Cup and Defcon Black Badge winner and has been on the faculty at the Naval Postgraduate School, National University, California State University Monterey Bay, as well as a Visiting Scientist at Carnegie Mellon CERT/SEI. Pablo is also a co-founder of the Cognitive Security Collaborative and coauthor of the DISARM (Disinformation Analysis and Response Measures) framework.

SJ Terp

Chief Scientist

SJ applies information security practices to defend against disinformation and other online harms, including extremism. She’s run large incident responses, set up response systems for election- and health-based cognitive security around the world, advises companies on disinformation risk management, and has built a body of research and tools for running and operating cognitive security operations centres, including the DISARM (formerly AMITT) frameworks for rapidly sharing disinformation data. SJ teaches cybersecurity and cognitive security at the University of Maryland, consults through Threet.consulting, is a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, and is Chief Scientist at the DISARM Foundation. She has Masters degrees in Artificial Intelligence, and Pattern Analysis and Neural Networks. Her technical background includes information fusion, crowdsourcing, unmanned systems (including human-machine teaming), data governance, nationstate development, and crisis response.

Omri Preiss


Omri is an EU affairs and civil society professional, having worked in the European Parliament, and for human rights and sustainability NGOs on campaigning and advocacy.  He is the Managing Director of Alliance4Europe, a capacity-building and coordination platform for democratic pro-European organizations, ahead of the European elections and beyond. Omri’s experience includes advocacy for protection and support of human rights defenders at risk around the world, creating change toward more sustainable food supply chains worldwide, and also for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in the Balkans, Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states on behalf of the European Parliament. Omri has led a number of student-based initiatives, including his role as Secretary General of the European Network for Sustainable Development - a network of organizations concerned with sustainable development, and promoting a new generation of students working to help construct a more cooperative, fair and environmentally friendly Europe.