What's this all about

No single word covers all aspects of the DISARM Framework’s ambit.  The framework supports wider harms, beyond disinformation, and encompasses concepts such as ‘IO’ (influence operations), ‘IMI’(information manipulation and interference), ‘FIMI’ (focusing on foreign ‘IMI’), ‘MDM’ (mis/dis/mal-information), ‘Information Disorder’, among other terms and spheres.

We hope people find DISARM a helpful name – the world definitely needs to disarm those who are weaponising the information environment.  Breaking it down, we lead with “DIS-” as DISinformation (for want of a better single word) is at the very least a good and valid entry point.  We finish “-ARM” as the framework’s common language enables shared Analysis for effective defence, and Risk Management for collaboration that reduces the potential impact of malign actor efforts around the globe.

We will continue to work with our colleagues in the wider community of practice on definitions, as collaboration and convergence is at the very heart of what the DISARM framework exists to do.  We aim to play our part in helping the community speak a common language, so that we are all more effective in the goals we share.

Our own definition of ‘disinformation’ is:  “The deliberate attempt to influence perception and decision making by presenting information that is incomplete, incorrect, or out of context.” – wider than simply ‘knowingly false information’.  But, no matter how the definitions are framed, we share a common set of challenges…

State actors seek geo-political advantage; others seek financial gain; others disrupt and damage our collective security, democracy or health for notoriety or being caught under the influence of cult-like conspiracy theories.  None of the above is new, but the internet is enabling the spread and hyper-targeting of disinformation at an unprecedented scale. Disinformation and its related terms comprise a fundamental issue for humankind. It also undermines our ability to collectively address other existential challenges. It requires urgent and effective collective action.